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This census was taken by Michael Cross several years ago. The photos provided by C. Wilson who took them for us and for Find-a-Grave.

The cemetery is in rough shape but not as bad as it looks from the photos. It is overgrown, primarily with prairie grasses and needs a good mowing. It is evident that some effort was made in the past to clean up this cemetery as there is a large brush pile of limbs near the entrance. We did not find much in the way of tree limbs downed in the cemetery proper.

Most of the tall stones have been tumbled although we so no further signs of vandalism. Cleaning up this cemetery would be a great Eagle Scout project requiring more time and muscle than heavy equipment.

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Latitude: 33° 30′ 56.46″ N
Longitude:  96° 21′ 07.08″ W
To find Blanton Cemetery travel South from Savoy on CR1752 or East from Whitewright on FM898 to where these two roads intersect. Just East of this intersection, you will see a sign for Blanton Cemetery directing you to turn South on CR4300. From CR4300, take the first right onto an unnamed and rarely traveled road. The only destination on this road is the Blanton Cemetery. Follow the road to the end where you will find the cemetery entrance.

The clearing shown here to the left of the marker is a pretty good view of the cemetery. My uneducted estimate is that the area covered by the cemetery is about an acre.

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