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Carson Cemetery is one of the older Cemeteries in Fannin County, Tx. It is located in what is known as the "New Fulp" Community, north of Ector. There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery. If you have further information on burials which may be here, please let us know.

Read more about the Carson Cemetery at the Fannin County Historical Commission website.

The following article appeared in the Bonham Herald, August 10, 1933

Carson Cemetery Scene of Meeting with Fine Dinner

The people of the Ector section bury their dead at Carson cemetery, which is a little northwest of Ector, some two miles, or perhaps better.

Those who have relatives buried at Carson cemetery are very mindful of the spot where rest their dead, and each year a committee is elected to look after the graveyard; to see that it is properly cleaned of weeds, and that the flowers are watered and attended to, as flowers should be.

Program Each Year

Also each year those interested gather in the grove east of the cemetery and here a fitting program is carried, out, starting with singing, which Charlie Newell nearly alwaysleads. At least he has leading the music for the past several years, anyhow, and he looks as if he is good for several more. This year Miss Porter played the organ. She plays good accompaniments. Nothing but' religious songs are sung, and a number of people always join heartily in the singing, the four part, soprano, alta, tenor and bass, being taken cure of, with now and then a male voice chiming in with a baritone rendition of the melody of the song.

An Ector Fixture

There is another fixture in the program and that is Bill Tidwell. He has been on the board which takes care of the cemetery, hiring the help and superintending the job, for five years, and he announced Wednesday that he wanted some one else to serve but the vote of the crowd, said he and his two colleagues would continue, and it is going to be that way, too. There were some protests by the board, Tidwell, Chas Newell and Jim Ramey. The crowd would hove none of their resignations or refusals to serve, so it looks if they are in for life, if not a little longer.

That Splendid Dinner

Previous to the election mentioned the usual good dinner was served, Rev. Vail returned thanks for the feast, and everyone cordially invited to stop up and help himself, he did not have to be asked the second time, either, It was simply a splendid repast spread on tables made and prepared for it. None of this dinner-on-the-ground affair. The dinner was all that anybody could wish for, and was quite up to the well-known high standards of the excellent cooks of Ector and tho surrounding country.

The Cemetery Beautiful

Carson cemetery never looked more beautiful. Petunias ore growing in a veritable riot, it would appear from first looking at them, but on closer inspection there is perfect order, and not a weed to mar the scene, or to in any manner interfere with the varigated picture of the color before the eye, nor with the fragrant odor of this most estimable flower, a blossom that our grandmothers all knew, grew and loved the petunia, A visit to the graveyard, there to view these beautiful flowers would be an inspiration to one, even though he be a mere passive admirer of floraculture.

In the forenoon Philip Wise , of Bonham addressed the crowd. His speech was given splendid attention. Mr. Wise was followed by County Assessor Claude Hodge, who was at home in the neighborhood, for he said there were grown young ladles in the audience on whom he had put the first soft-toe shoes when they were infants. Mr. Hodge sold shoes in Bonham for years.

There was the usual good crowd In attendance.

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Latitude: 33° 36′ 36.18″ N
Longitude:  96° 16′ 53.34″ W
County Road 1274 intersects both Hwy 82 and 898 and wraps around Carson Cemetery on all sides. Off 82, turn South on 898 then an immediate right onto CR1274 to the Cemetery.

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