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Grove Hill, also known as Oak Hill, is reportedly the oldest settlement in that part of the county. In 1844 George M. Smith, originally of Georgia, came to the Grove Hill area with other prospectors. Seeing a grove of oak trees, they all wanted it for a homesite. The question was decided by a footrace, which Smith won, thus becoming the community's first settler. His nearest neighbor was one Dr. Harris, who lived five miles away. ... In 1879 William T. Clark, F. K. Taylor and T. C. Cobb, trustees of the community's Methodist Episcopal Church, bought four acres of land for twenty dollars. The land was to be used for a cemetery, church, and school. The oldest grave in the Grove Hill Cemetery is that of William Thomas, who died in 1862. [Source: The Handbook of Texas Online. Check there for further details.]

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Latitude: 33° 25′ 54.48″ N
Longitude:  96° 13′ 11.64″ W
Grove Hill, also known as Oak Hill, is on Farm Road 1553 twelve miles south of Bonham and four miles northeast of Leonard in southwestern Fannin County.

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