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1850 Mortality Index

Individual Names Age Gender Month Place Cause Year
Bourland, M. A. 11 M Sep TX Croup 1850
Butler, A. 44 F Feb -- Childbed Fever 1850
Cagle, Martha 5 F Sep TX Scarlet 1850
Cannon, Robert 45 M Apr KY Congested Brain 1850
Causey, William 28 M Dec TN Consumption 1850
Dennis, L.T. 5 F Jan TX Fever 1850
Dickson, Watson 25 F Dec -- Winter Fever 1850
Dulaney, C.A. 32 F Nov IN Inflamed Lungs 1850
Fitzgerald, Manerva 19 F Jan IL Childbed Fever 1850
Fitzgerald, P.J. 4 F Oct TN Pneumonia 1850
Greer, Nancy J. 3 F Apr IL Congestive Chills 1850
Helper, M.E. 1 F Aug MS Worms 1850
Johnson, S.T. 2 F May TX Croup 1850
Lyday, Andrew 44 M Oct NC Liver Inflamation 1850
Pace, M.D. 34 M Feb KY Consumption 1850
Vandervort, J.T. 1 Mo M Jan TX Croup 1850
Wall, John D. 28 M Jan TN Consumption 1850
Wells, Martha A. 10 F Jun MO Drowned 1850

Total records found: 18

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*Flux = dysentery

**Kings Evil = Primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, especially those in the neck. The name originated in the time of Edward the Confessor, with the belief that the disease could be cured by the touch of the King of England or by drinking the water in which the king had washed his hands. This usually is a disease of children or teens so the diagnosis is questionable.

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