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1860 Mortality Index

Individual Names Age Gender Month Place Cause Year
Austin, M. A. 28 F Feb MO Typhoid Fever 1860
Baldwin, E. E. 30 F Sep TN Typhoid Fever 1860
Barns, Mary F. 7 F Jan TX Typhoid Fever 1860
Biggerstaff, ?? 1 Mo M Apr TX Unknown 1860
Biggerstaff, J. M. 3 M Mar TX Poison 1860
Braly, Virginia 11 Mo F Dec TX Croup 1860
Brown, Leon 50 M Jul TN Unknown / Farmer 1860
Butler, Christiania 24 F Aug TN Consumption 1860
Caldwell, H. B. 1 Mo M Feb TX Unknown 1860
Caldwell, S. H. 2 Mo M Mar TX Croup 1860
Carter, C.A 7 F Dec MO Unknown 1860
Chadwell, N. M. 8 F Dec TN Typhoid Fever 1860
Cleavland, L. 1 M May TX *Flux 1860
Compton, S. E. 5 M ... TX Conjestion 1860
Covington, J. M. 46 M May TN Typhoid Fever 1860
Crawford, S. A. 5 M Nov TX Pneumonia 1860
Delk, Mary 28 F Feb SC Apoplexy 1860
Erving, C. B. 2 M Sep TX *Flux 1860
Foster,W. J., 2 M Oct TX Croup 1860
Hackley,Thomas, 14 M Jan KY Unknown 1860
Hendricks, R. A. 15 F Nov IL Typhoid Fever 1860
Henry, Texana 22 F Nov TX Typhoid Fever 1860
Henslee, Mary A. 1 Mo F Aug TX Unknown 1860
Hobbs, John 20 M Jan IL Congested Brain 1860
Inglish, James 15 M Jan TX Unknown 1860
James, William 63 M Oct TN Typhoid Fever 1860
Leek, James L. 4 Mo M Nov TX Croup 1860
Light, Amanda 45 F Feb TX Unknown 1860
Lyday, Mary C. 16 F Nov TX Fever 1860
McClure, Rebecca 75 F Nov NC Inflamed Lungs 1860
McDonald, D. 8 Mo F May TX Unknown 1860
McPhail, Mary 18 F Jun TN Fever 1860
Moore, Curtis 60 M Jan NC Consumption / Farmer 1860
Morris, Nancy 63 F Dec KY Pneumonia 1860
Routh, Henry W. 4 Mo M May TX Congestion of Bowels 1860
Self, Catherine 77 F Feb PA **Kings Evil 1860
Sloan, E. 3 Mo F Sep TX Unknown 1860
Stewart, L. P. 38 F Sep TN *Flux 1860
Story, May W. 30 F Dec TX Heart Disease 1860
Sylvester, J. W. 64 M Oct NY Unknown / Farmer 1860
Underwood, E. 21 F Feb TN *Flux 1860
Usher, C. M. 21 M Apr MO Consumption / Printer 1860
Webb, Eliza 40 F May ?? Consumption 1860
Whedbee, V. C. 7 F Jul MO Cholera 1860
Wilson, Eliza C. 27 F Sep KY Pneumonia 1860
Woodfin, M. I. 21 F Dec TN Pneumonia 1860
Woods, Levi H. 11 M Apr TX Inflamed Brain 1860

Total records found: 47

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*Flux = dysentery

**Kings Evil = Primary tuberculosis of the lymphatic glands, especially those in the neck. The name originated in the time of Edward the Confessor, with the belief that the disease could be cured by the touch of the King of England or by drinking the water in which the king had washed his hands. This usually is a disease of children or teens so the diagnosis is questionable.

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