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1860 Fannin County Census Index

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- A -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Abel, J. 203b Bonham 1860
Abercrombie, James 184a Bonham 1860
Abernathy, A. 227b Ladonia 1860
Abernathy, Elizabeth 334 Ladonia 1860
Abernathy, Milton 335 Ladonia 1860
Ables, John 349 Ladonia 1860
Ables, Joseph B. 350 Ladonia 1860
Ables, Sarah 350 Ladonia 1860
Adams, A. J. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Adams, John T. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Adams, Laura E. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Adams, S. H. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Adams, S. S. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Adams, William H. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Adelsdorf, Joseph 168a Bonham 1860
Agnew, A. 202b Bonham 1860
Ailshie, J. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Akin, T. B. 187b Bonham 1860
Alderson, R. 169a Bonham 1860
Aldridge, G. 205b Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, J. 213a Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, J. 205a Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, J. R. 212b Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, P. A. 205b Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, William 210b Orangeville 1860
Aldridge, William 209a Orangeville 1860
Alexander, C. C. 172b Bonham 1860
Alexander, F. P. 206a Orangeville 1860
Alexander, S. C. 168a Bonham 1860
Alison, M.M. 208b Orangeville 1860
Allen, A. 211b Orangeville 1860
Allen, Ann L. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Allen, C. B. 229b Ladonia 1860
Allen, D. Y. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Allen, Elbert J. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Allen, Fanny 170d Bonham 1860
Allen, H. S. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Allen, J. T. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Allen, Moses 182a Bonham 1860
Allen, Neal M. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Allen, Robert 207a Orangeville 1860
Allen, Sam 218a Ladonia 1860
Allen, W. B. 236b Licke 1860
Allen, William B. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Anderson, J. B. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Anderson, Lucy 226b Ladonia 1860
Andrews, T. 210b Orangeville 1860
Anthony, J. 201b Bonham 1860
Anthony, James 201a Bonham 1860
Anthony, William 212a Orangeville 1860
Arledge, L. A. 170c Bonham 1860
Arledge, William 177a Bonham 1860
Armstrong, Alex 188a Bonham 1860
Armstrong, F. M. 254a Oak Hill 1860
Armstrong, H. H. 188a Bonham 1860
Armstrong, Hugh 351 Ladonia 1860
Armstrong, J. 197a Warren 1860
Armstrong, J. M. 188a Bonham 1860
Armstrong, Jesse 351 Ladonia 1860
Armstrong, John E. 197b Warren 1860
Armstrong, W. J. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Armstrong, William S. 237b Licke 1860
Ashford, Joshua S. 335 Ladonia 1860
Aslurg, James 233b Licke 1860
Aston, Joseph 235b Licke 1860
Atkins, A. G. 247a Bonham 1860
Atkinson, J. 196a Bonham 1860
Atterberry, A. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Atterbery, J. 257a Bonham 1860
Austin, A. W. 187a Bonham 1860
Austin, D. B. 187a Bonham 1860
Austin, David 245a Honey Grove 1860
Austin, G. 185b Bonham 1860
Austin, John O. 178a Bonham 1860
Austin, L. J. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Austin, Leonora 178b Bonham 1860
Austin, W. S. 187a Bonham 1860
Ayers, U. H. 232a Ladonia 1860

Total records found: 78

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- B -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Bacon, J. G. 205b Orangeville 1860
Bagby, A. P. 186a Bonham 1860
Bagley, Eleazer T. 333 Ladonia 1860
Bagley, James O. 333 Ladonia 1860
Bailey, Jack 169b Bonham 1860
Bailey, W. C. 177a Bonham 1860
Baker, A. G. 184b Bonham 1860
Baker, Calvin 239a Honey Grove 1860
Baker, E. 184a Bonham 1860
Baker, J. H. 178a Bonham 1860
Baker, James 178a Bonham 1860
Baker, M. S. N. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Baldock, S. M. 212a Orangeville 1860
Baldwin, E. E. 168a Bonham 1860
Baldwin, J. 235a Licke 1860
Baldwin, N. A. 220a Ladonia 1860
Baldwin, W. H. 219b Ladonia 1860
Ball, Mary A. 201b Bonham 1860
Ball, Virginia 235a Licke 1860
Balley, John 242a Honey Grove 1860
Ballock, J. 212a Orangeville 1860
Ballou, H. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Balthrop, W. H. 260a Bonham 1860
Balthrop, Wiley 334 Ladonia 1860
Barber, J. D. 207b Orangeville 1860
Barlow, James 185a Bonham 1860
Barnes, M. M. 169b Bonham 1860
Barnett, James 256b Bonham 1860
Barnett, Joel 256b Bonham 1860
Barnett, John 173b Honey Grove 1860
Barrett, William 173b Honey Grove 1860
Barrow, J. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Bart, R. R. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Barter, J.H. 185b Bonham 1860
Bartley, T. S. 229a Ladonia 1860
Basham, J. 185b Bonham 1860
Basham, S. A. 185b Bonham 1860
Baxter, May 199b Warren 1860
Bayle, Patrick 217b Honey Grove 1860
Beard, David 222a Honey Grove 1860
Beasley, Isham 238b Licke 1860
Beaty, John 182b Bonham 1860
Beaty, William 179 Bonham 1860
Beck, George A. 184a Bonham 1860
Beckett, C. 189b Bonham 1860
Beckett, John A. 190a Bonham 1860
Bell, E. 198a Warren 1860
Bell, She 197b Warren 1860
Bell, T. S. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Bell, W. B. 198a Warren 1860
Bell, W. S. 258b Bonham 1860
Bennett, C. 211b Orangeville 1860
Bennett, James 244a Honey Grove 1860
Bennett, Welcome 244a Honey Grove 1860
Besan, T. L. 204b Orangeville 1860
Bettes, M. 240b Honey Grove 1860
Bettes, M. W. 240b Honey Grove 1860
Bigby, William 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Biggerstaff, B. B. 229a Ladonia 1860
Biggerstaff, G. 260a Bonham 1860
Biggerstaff, G. A. 195a Bonham 1860
Biggerstaff, J. 205a Orangeville 1860
Biggerstaff, J. M. 171b Bonham 1860
Biggerstaff, John 195a Bonham 1860
Bingham, H. 252a Bonham 1860
Bingham, S. 259a Bonham 1860
Bjerke, P. M. 194a Bonham 1860
Blain, James 241a Honey Grove 1860
Blakeney, John 194a Bonham 1860
Blakeney, M. 189b Bonham 1860
Blakeney, R. A. 189b Bonham 1860
Blakeney, Tom 199b Warren 1860
Blakeney, William 195b Bonham 1860
Blankenship, A. 225a Ladonia 1860
Blankenship, S. 225a Ladonia 1860
Blanton, J. 204a Bonham 1860
Blanton, Lem 172b Bonham 1860
Bledsoe, M. W. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Bledsoe, P. 217a Honey Grove 1860
Bledsoe, V. A. 224b Ladonia 1860
Block, H. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Block, M. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Bogart, James 258a Bonham 1860
Bohanan, E. 228a Ladonia 1860
Bohanon, E. 328 Ladonia 1860
Bohanon, M. E. 328 Ladonia 1860
Boltman, Henry 351 Ladonia 1860
Bond, T. H. 182b Bonham 1860
Bone, A. S. 257b Bonham 1860
Bone, W. A. 258a Bonham 1860
Boon, J. R. 214b Bonham 1860
Boon, J. S. 171a Bonham 1860
Boon, R. E. 226a Ladonia 1860
Boone, John 235a Licke 1860
Boren, A. 199b Warren 1860
Boren, S. 196b Warren 1860
Borwn, R. 225b Ladonia 1860
Bourland, B. F. 232b Ladonia 1860
Bourland, L. 199b Warren 1860
Bourland, M. 224b Ladonia 1860
Boutwell, John 186b Bonham 1860
Boutwell, N. C. 185b Bonham 1860
Boutwell, Ruth 186a Bonham 1860
Boutwell, William 186b Bonham 1860
Bowie, A. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Boyd, G. W. 190a Bonham 1860
Boyd, J. L. 206b Orangeville 1860
Boyd, James 191b Bonham 1860
Bradford, J. F. 194a Bonham 1860
Bradford, J. L. 168a Bonham 1860
Bradley, M. E. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Brady, Cynthai 351 Ladonia 1860
Brady, Rachael E. 351 Ladonia 1860
Brail, J. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Brails, J. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Braley, H. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Braley, S. S. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Brawder, J. B. 213a Orangeville 1860
Braxholm, J. 252b Bonham 1860
Bray, N. 204b Orangeville 1860
Brickley, Mary 183b Bonham 1860
Bridge, A. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Bridge, W. K. 217a Honey Grove 1860
Bright, George C. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Brittell, Isaac 247a Bonham 1860
Bronaugh, M. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Brooks, A. 199a Warren 1860
Brooks, E. H. 252a Bonham 1860
Brooks, J. 252a Bonham 1860
Brooks, W. H. 198b Warren 1860
Broom, W. W. 170d Bonham 1860
Brosiers, G. W. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Brotherton, F. V. 193a Bonham 1860
Brotherton, John 192b Bonham 1860
Brotherton, W. W. 192b Bonham 1860
Brown, A. B. 199b Warren 1860
Brown, A. W. 190a Bonham 1860
Brown, Alf S. 199b Warren 1860
Brown, B. E. 168b Bonham 1860
Brown, D. B. 210a Orangeville 1860
Brown, D. T. 216b Honey Grove 1860
Brown, E. 198b Warren 1860
Brown, George 171b Bonham 1860
Brown, Hugh 198b Warren 1860
Brown, J. F. 235a Licke 1860
Brown, J. H. 199b Warren 1860
Brown, J. M. 198a Warren 1860
Brown, J. M. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Brown, J. M. 233b Licke 1860
Brown, Jeff 226a Ladonia 1860
Brown, M. E. 236b Licke 1860
Brown, Nancy 182a Bonham 1860
Brown, R. J. 169b Bonham 1860
Brown, Wiley 200a Warren 1860
Browning, William H. 187b Bonham 1860
Bruce, Gilla 243b Honey Grove 1860
Bruce, N. A. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Bruce, Robert 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Bruce, William 244b Honey Grove 1860
Brummet, A. 258a Bonham 1860
Brummett, William 228b Ladonia 1860
Bryant, C. 185a Bonham 1860
Bryant, J. C. 171b Bonham 1860
Bryant, L. 217b Honey Grove 1860
Bryant, O. C. 216b Honey Grove 1860
Bryant, S.E. 218a Ladonia 1860
Buchanan, D. 214a Bonham 1860
Buchanan, S. 212a Orangeville 1860
Buchanan, W. S. 205a Orangeville 1860
Buckner, A. J. 226a Ladonia 1860
Bumbarger, C. C. 217b Honey Grove 1860
Bumbarger, J. 218b Ladonia 1860
Burk, John 178b Bonham 1860
Burk, Margret 172b Bonham 1860
Burk, Mary 172b Bonham 1860
Burke, G. W. 169b Bonham 1860
Burnett, J. M. 235a Licke 1860
Burnett, Joseph 235a Licke 1860
Burney, R. A. 170a Bonham 1860
Burns, W. B. 205b Orangeville 1860
Burton, J. H. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Burton, W. B. 247b Bonham 1860
Bush, J. R. 180a Bonham 1860
Butler, J. 212a Orangeville 1860
Butler, J. D. 240b Honey Grove 1860
Butler, James 197a Warren 1860
Butler, John 240a Honey Grove 1860
Butler, John H. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Butler, R. 212b Orangeville 1860
Butler, William 197a Warren 1860
Butterfield, John 240a Honey Grove 1860
Byars, Alexander 336 Ladonia 1860
Byars, H. 214a Bonham 1860
Byrum, John 223b Honey Grove 1860
Bywaters, J. H. 184b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 195

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- C -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Cagle, Charles 335 Ladonia 1860
Cagle, M. C. 252a Bonham 1860
Cain, S. H. 239a Honey Grove 1860
Caldiron, H. 206a Orangeville 1860
Caldiron, S. 206b Orangeville 1860
Caldwell, D. R. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Caldwell, H. A. 170c Bonham 1860
Caldwell, H. M. 182b Bonham 1860
Caldwell, Joseph 336 Ladonia 1860
Caldwell, O. H. 170a Bonham 1860
Caldwell, T. A. 182a Bonham 1860
Calloway, J. S. 177a Bonham 1860
Calvin, J. K. 259a Bonham 1860
Calvin, M.R . 258b Bonham 1860
Campbell, William M. 172a Bonham 1860
Cantwell, Amy 191b Bonham 1860
Cantwell, M. 190a Bonham 1860
Cantwell, Samuel 190b Bonham 1860
Capp, R. 194a Bonham 1860
Carglyle, J. 224b Ladonia 1860
Carlisle, Sarah 233a Licke 1860
Carlisle, Waddy 233a Licke 1860
Carmack, J. W. 195b Bonham 1860
Carpenter, C. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Carpenter, J. 258a Bonham 1860
Carpenter, M. 258b Bonham 1860
Carr, J. F. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Carr, J. N. 181b Bonham 1860
Carr, John 179a Bonham 1860
Carr, Orela K. 179b Bonham 1860
Carson, John 169b Bonham 1860
Carson, W. G. 195b Bonham 1860
Carter, A. P. 168b Bonham 1860
Carter, Booker P. 350 Ladonia 1860
Carter, S. T. 169a Bonham 1860
Carter, William 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Caruth, R. A. 257a Bonham 1860
Case, J. H. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Case, Thomas 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Casey, Samuel 195b Bonham 1860
Cassada, W. H. 172a Bonham 1860
Cassaday, M C. 172a Bonham 1860
Cassian, R. G. 169a Bonham 1860
Cassian, Thomas S. 185a Bonham 1860
Catham, C. M. 180a Bonham 1860
Caulter, Dan 169b Bonham 1860
Caulter, T. M 174a Honey Grove 1860
Causett, M. F. 185b Bonham 1860
Causett, Mary A. 185a Bonham 1860
Cawerdin, C. L. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Cawerdin, P. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Caygle, C. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Cayton, J. C. 169b Bonham 1860
Chadwell, D. 212b Orangeville 1860
Chadwell, J. B. 205a Orangeville 1860
Chadwell, J. G. 209b Orangeville 1860
Chambers, M. 228a Ladonia 1860
Chandler, W. B. 232b Ladonia 1860
Cheek, James 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Cherrytree, William 349 Ladonia 1860
Childs, L. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Chipman, Seth 189a Bonham 1860
Choat, E. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Christian, B. F. 186b Bonham 1860
Christian, J.W . 186a Bonham 1860
Clack, F. M. 185b Bonham 1860
Clack, Robert K. 185b Bonham 1860
Clark, Amilia 170b Bonham 1860
Clark, E. J. 259a Bonham 1860
Clark, James 234a Licke 1860
Clark, Jeptha 240b Honey Grove 1860
Clark, T. W. 213a Orangeville 1860
Clendenen, A. W. T. 192a Bonham 1860
Cleveland, S. 198a Warren 1860
Clevenger, T. J. 181a Bonham 1860
Click, Henry 335 Ladonia 1860
Cline, M. 257a Bonham 1860
Clinton, Henry G. 350 Ladonia 1860
Clissna, John R. 332 Ladonia 1860
Clock, B 351 Ladonia 1860
Clock, William B. 185b Bonham 1860
Clutter, Grant 180a Bonham 1860
Clutter, William J. 260b Bonham 1860
Cobb, Benjamin 254a Oak Hill 1860
Cobb, H. 227a Ladonia 1860
Cobb, Henry 334 Ladonia 1860
Cobb, Jane 215b Bonham 1860
Cobb, Jane 174a Honey Grove 1860
Cobb, K. M. 227a Ladonia 1860
Cobb, R. 227a Ladonia 1860
Cobb, T. C. 237a Licke 1860
Cobb, William H. 192b Bonham 1860
Cochran, M. J. 225a Ladonia 1860
Coffee, J. 204a Bonham 1860
Cole, J. M. 210a Orangeville 1860
Cole, U. T. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Coleman, H. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Coleman, Henry 188b Bonham 1860
Coleman, L. C. 223a Honey Grove 1860
Coleson, Thomas 223a Honey Grove 1860
Collier, Barnett B. 350 Ladonia 1860
Collier, E. 179a Bonham 1860
Collier, E. P. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Collier, P. 191a Bonham 1860
Collins, J. M. 188a Bonham 1860
Compton, Bird 179a Bonham 1860
Compton, M. 233a Licke 1860
Conklin, Ira B. 180b Bonham 1860
Conklin, J. R. 180b Bonham 1860
Cook, Daniel 192b Bonham 1860
Cook, Hiram 189a Bonham 1860
Cook, J. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Cook, J. M. 171a Bonham 1860
Cook, James 255a Oak Hill 1860
Cook, Mary 170b Bonham 1860
Cook, R. M. 168a Bonham 1860
Coonrod, D. 200b Bonham 1860
Coonrod, E. 196a Bonham 1860
Coonrod, E. S. 196b Warren 1860
Coonrod, H. H. 203b Bonham 1860
Coonrod, O. 196b Warren 1860
Coonrod, T. 196b Warren 1860
Cooper, Harvey 179b Bonham 1860
Cooper, J.H. 201a Bonham 1860
Cooper, James 213b Bonham 1860
Cooper, James 258a Bonham 1860
Cooper, James 244a Honey Grove 1860
Cooper, P. C. 184a Bonham 1860
Copeland, R.M. 227b Ladonia 1860
Cornelius, M 227a Ladonia 1860
Corsey, H. 259a Bonham 1860
Cosby, Abner 333 Ladonia 1860
Couch, Mary A. 211a Orangeville 1860
Couch, P. H. 211a Orangeville 1860
Covenington, C. 230a Ladonia 1860
Cowart, J. 188b Bonham 1860
Cowart, Thomas M 172a Bonham 1860
Cox, C. S. 227b Ladonia 1860
Cox, E. 214b Bonham 1860
Cox, General 201b Bonham 1860
Cox, Greeen W. 333 Ladonia 1860
Cox, Henry 189b Bonham 1860
Cox, Hugh 177a Bonham 1860
Cox, Hugh 247a Bonham 1860
Cox, Isaac 189b Bonham 1860
Cox, Jesse 178b Bonham 1860
Cox, John 207a Orangeville 1860
Cox, Joshua 191b Bonham 1860
Cox, Joshua 177b Bonham 1860
Cox, M. E. 227b Ladonia 1860
Cox, Nathan 191b Bonham 1860
Cox, Nathan 178b Bonham 1860
Cox, Polly 189b Bonham 1860
Cox, R. S. 227a Ladonia 1860
Cox, Salomon 182a Bonham 1860
Cox, Sarah 190b Bonham 1860
Cox, William 190a Bonham 1860
Craddock, Julia 236b Licke 1860
Craddock, T. E. 236a Licke 1860
Crafton, J. 207b Orangeville 1860
Crane, Elizabeth 349 Ladonia 1860
Cravens, G. 239a Honey Grove 1860
Crawford, James 237b Licke 1860
Crawford, R. S. 213a Orangeville 1860
Crittenden, E. C. 182a Bonham 1860
Crocker, W. B. 210a Orangeville 1860
Crooms, J. 194a Bonham 1860
Crooms, Mary 189a Bonham 1860
Crop, Martha 233a Licke 1860
Cross, Joseph P. 193b Bonham 1860
Cross, Matilda 193b Bonham 1860
Cross, T. B. 193b Bonham 1860
Cummin, J. S. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Cummings, E. W. 229b Ladonia 1860
Cummings, H. 190a Bonham 1860
Cummings, J. C. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Cummings, William 178b Bonham 1860
Cummins, J. 225b Ladonia 1860
Cummins, William C. 225a Ladonia 1860
Cuningham, L. 219a Ladonia 1860
Cuningham, M. 219a Ladonia 1860
Curry, Sarah L. 335 Ladonia 1860
Curtis, E. M. 184a Bonham 1860
Curtis, R. 183b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 184

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- D -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Dabney, J. S. 226b Ladonia 1860
Dailey, W. E. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Dakan, Perry 170c Bonham 1860
Dakan, William 221a Honey Grove 1860
Dameron, J. H. 206a Orangeville 1860
Daniel, Olivia 335 Ladonia 1860
Daniels, G. W. 170b Bonham 1860
Darcy, James 178a Bonham 1860
Darnell, John 239a Honey Grove 1860
Darnell, R. C. 247a Bonham 1860
Darnell, William 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Daugherty, A. 236b Licke 1860
David, Henry 244b Honey Grove 1860
Davidson, B. F. 178a Bonham 1860
Davidson, D. S. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Davidson, Jane 226b Ladonia 1860
Davidson, O. E. 200a Warren 1860
Davis, B. S. 186a Bonham 1860
Davis, H. 237b Licke 1860
Davis, J. B. 169b Bonham 1860
Davis, J. C. 197b Warren 1860
Davis, James 259a Bonham 1860
Davis, Lizzie 174a Honey Grove 1860
Davis, M. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Davis, M. B. 229b Ladonia 1860
Davis, Nelson 186a Bonham 1860
Davis, P. 197b Warren 1860
Davis, S. 208b Orangeville 1860
Davis, T. P. 253a Bonham 1860
Davis, Thomas 232b Ladonia 1860
Davis, W. A. 202b Bonham 1860
Davis, Walter 202b Bonham 1860
Davis, Wiley 173b Honey Grove 1860
Day, Samuel 221a Honey Grove 1860
Dearman, H. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Dearman, J. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Dearman, J. W. 191a Bonham 1860
Dearman, John 170d Bonham 1860
Dearman, M. A. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Deatherage, J. E. 181b Bonham 1860
Deatherage, John G. 182b Bonham 1860
Deavers, Nicholas P. 349 Ladonia 1860
Decro, Isaac 196a Bonham 1860
Deguire, Emily 179b Bonham 1860
Deguire, J. 229a Ladonia 1860
Delay, James 258a Bonham 1860
Delemeter, J. 201a Bonham 1860
Delishmutt, G. W. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Delisle, L. C. 172a Bonham 1860
Delk, J. D. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Dennis, Colley 182a Bonham 1860
Dennis, J. M. 182a Bonham 1860
Dial, John 221b Honey Grove 1860
Dial, John 259b Bonham 1860
Dice, A. 171a Bonham 1860
Dickins, Simon 170b Bonham 1860
Diggs, P. K. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Dill, Archibald 351 Ladonia 1860
Dillingham, A. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Dillingham, A. 225b Ladonia 1860
Dillingham, J. A. 225b Ladonia 1860
Dillingham, J. I. 221b Ladonia 1860
Dillingham, J.S. 226b Ladonia 1860
Dillingham, S. M. 224b Ladonia 1860
Dixon, E. S. 181b Bonham 1860
Dixon, N.M. 206b Orangeville 1860
Dobbs, J. F. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Dodd, E. H. 234a Licke 1860
Doe, J. A. 171b Bonham 1860
Donahoo, Job 180a Bonham 1860
Donahoo, Marietta 180b Bonham 1860
Donaldson, D. 228a Ladonia 1860
Donaldson, J.A. 237a Licke 1860
Donaldson, J.S. 226a Ladonia 1860
Donaldson, James 225a Ladonia 1860
Dorley, G. W. 179b Bonham 1860
Doss, James M. 168a Bonham 1860
Downing, A. J. 171a Bonham 1860
Downing, George 182b Bonham 1860
Downing, Lyda 171b Bonham 1860
Downing, T. 194a Bonham 1860
Draper, George 243a Honey Grove 1860
Draper, Thomas B. 185a Bonham 1860
Drennen, D. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Driggers, William 254a Oak Hill 1860
Driver, Mary 335 Ladonia 1860
Drum, Richard 333 Ladonia 1860
Duckworth, A. J. 183b Bonham 1860
Duckworth, A. P. 256b Bonham 1860
Duckworth, J. F. 183b Bonham 1860
Dulaney, Armsley 181b Bonham 1860
Dulaney, John 181a Bonham 1860
Dulaney, William 183b Bonham 1860
Dulaney, William 206b Orangeville 1860
Dulaney, William F. 181b Bonham 1860
Duming, Peter 201b Bonham 1860
Dunaway, James 335 Ladonia 1860
Duncan, J.D. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Dunlavey, William 252a Bonham 1860
Dunn, John W. 334 Ladonia 1860
Dupree, E. 226b Ladonia 1860
Dupree, T.D. 226a Ladonia 1860
Dupuy, William 252a Bonham 1860
Durham, Delisle 335 Ladonia 1860
Dyer, C. S. 205a Orangeville 1860
Dyer, J. L. 215b Bonham 1860
Dyer, J. W. 203b Bonham 1860
Dyer, William 215b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 108

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- E -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Early, E. 225a Ladonia 1860
Early, S. Z. 225b Ladonia 1860
Earp, Josiah 237b Licke 1860
Easley, R. P. 190b Bonham 1860
Eastman, J. S. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Eaton, J. P. 229a Ladonia 1860
Edington, H.H. 257b Bonham 1860
Edward, T. J. 230a Ladonia 1860
Elam, William 244b Honey Grove 1860
Elledge, Henry 349 Ladonia 1860
Elms, James 211a Orangeville 1860
Elrod, G. W. 209b Orangeville 1860
Elrod, Noah 208b Orangeville 1860
Elrod, R. 208b Orangeville 1860
Emerson, H. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Ensley, John 179b Bonham 1860
Errs, S. 254a Oak Hill 1860
Erwin, J. N. 208b Orangeville 1860
Erwin, John 176a Honey Grove 1860
Erwin, M. J. 192b Bonham 1860
Erwin, Robert 192a Bonham 1860
Erwin, S. A. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Escue, Willis 252a Bonham 1860
Etheridge, H. 219b Ladonia 1860
Etier, Peter 232a Ladonia 1860
Etier, William 232a Ladonia 1860
Eubanks, William 171a Bonham 1860
Evans, A. J. 191a Bonham 1860
Evans, W. A. 170d Bonham 1860
Everhart, William 254b Oak Hill 1860
Everts, A. C. 203b Bonham 1860
Ewing, A. B. 185b Bonham 1860
Ewing, A. E. 186a Bonham 1860

Total records found: 33

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- F -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Fairchild, John F. 350 Ladonia 1860
Farar, J. R. 190b Bonham 1860
Farer, E. M. 191a Bonham 1860
Farmer, Martha 243b Honey Grove 1860
Farmer, Sarah 181a Bonham 1860
Featherstone, John 176a Honey Grove 1860
Fields, C. H. 168b Bonham 1860
Finley, N. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Fitzgerald, Ira 180a Bonham 1860
Fitzgerald, M. A. 235b Licke 1860
Fitzgerald, Nancy 235a Licke 1860
Fitzgerald, T. C. 235a Licke 1860
Fitzgerald, W. P. 181a Bonham 1860
Fleek, J. 204b Orangeville 1860
Fletcher, G. 205b Orangeville 1860
Fletcher, H. M. 169b Bonham 1860
Fletcher, J. 260a Bonham 1860
Fletcher, W. 211a Orangeville 1860
Floyd, William 222b Honey Grove 1860
Foe, John E. 252b Bonham 1860
Ford, A. 182b Bonham 1860
Ford, Owen 185a Bonham 1860
Forsyth, Harris 190b Bonham 1860
Foster, L. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Foster, Samuel 183a Bonham 1860
Foster, Thomas 183a Bonham 1860
Fowler, Alf 198b Warren 1860
Fowler, D. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Fox, D.M. 257a Bonham 1860
Fox, John F. 253a Bonham 1860
Fraley, J. N. 168b Bonham 1860
Francis, M. W. 190b Bonham 1860
Franklin, A. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Franklin, Ben 209a Orangeville 1860
Franklin, G. 210a Orangeville 1860
Franks, B. 211b Orangeville 1860
Frazier, J. M. 220a Ladonia 1860
Frederick, J. 211b Orangeville 1860
Freeman, E. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Freeman, William C. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Fritz, N. J. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Frost, P. C. 259b Bonham 1860
Fry, A.K. 226a Ladonia 1860
Fry, Anna 336 Ladonia 1860
Fry, G. W. 226a Ladonia 1860
Fry, William 227b Ladonia 1860
Fryer, J. 229b Ladonia 1860
Fulcher, G. W. 216b Honey Grove 1860
Fulfer, John H. 352 Ladonia 1860
Fulfer, Josiah 352 Ladonia 1860
Fulfer, Thomas 352 Ladonia 1860
Fulfer, Zachariah 352 Ladonia 1860
Fuller, B. F. 170c Bonham 1860
Fuller, Banister 231a Ladonia 1860
Fuller, Flora 170c Bonham 1860
Fuller, Henry 245a Honey Grove 1860
Fuller, John 231b Ladonia 1860
Fuqua, J. 170a Bonham 1860
Furgeson, A. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Furgeson, S. E. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860

Total records found: 60

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- G -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Gain, A. 259a Bonham 1860
Galbraith, A. 217a Honey Grove 1860
Galbraith, G. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Galbraith, M. A. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Galbraith, M. E. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Galbraith, S. J. 168b Bonham 1860
Gambill, A. J. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Gambill, S. F. 237a Licke 1860
Gambill, William 236b Licke 1860
Gambill, William 175b Honey Grove 1860
Gardenshire, P. M. 232b Ladonia 1860
Garner, Mary 173b Honey Grove 1860
Garnett, J. R. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Garrett, William 211a Orangeville 1860
Garrison, H. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Garrison, M. 253b Bonham 1860
Gates, T. J. 170d Bonham 1860
Genolds, J. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
George, W. P. 210b Orangeville 1860
Gibbons, D. 203a Bonham 1860
Gideon, G. B. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Gilbert, Newton 178b Bonham 1860
Gilbert, S. R. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Gilbert, W. H. 215b Bonham 1860
Gilbert, Wilson 170c Bonham 1860
Gilcrease, William 243b Honey Grove 1860
Gilfillin, J. 215a Bonham 1860
Gillepsie, John 185a Bonham 1860
Gillespie, J. 194b Bonham 1860
Gillespie, Mary S. 187a Bonham 1860
Gilliam, Allen 232b Ladonia 1860
Gilliam, M. 208a Orangeville 1860
Gilliam, William S. 350 Ladonia 1860
Gilliland, James T. 350 Ladonia 1860
Gilmore, T. S. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Gilmore, W. M. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Gimon, Nancy E. 172a Bonham 1860
Givin, John 244a Honey Grove 1860
Glaze, A. J. 203b Bonham 1860
Gleeson, S. 198a Warren 1860
Glover, R. L. 191b Bonham 1860
Gloyd, G. T. 228b Ladonia 1860
Gober, J. A. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Gobin, P. F. 172a Bonham 1860
Goin, B.F. 260a Bonham 1860
Goin, William 218a Ladonia 1860
Golding, G. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Goley, Wiley 257b Bonham 1860
Gooch, O. J. 214b Bonham 1860
Gooch, S. 214a Bonham 1860
Gooch, William 214a Bonham 1860
Gorden, A. J. 190b Bonham 1860
Gorden, G. A. 181a Bonham 1860
Gordon, Joel 191a Bonham 1860
Gordson, G. 209b Orangeville 1860
Gore, James 225b Ladonia 1860
Gore, Miles 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Gore, William 349 Ladonia 1860
Goss, A. P. 168b Bonham 1860
Gound(S), R. T. 181b Bonham 1860
Goves, John 236b Licke 1860
Graddey, G. G. 242a Honey Grove 1860
Graham, F. H. 234b Licke 1860
Graham, James 235a Licke 1860
Grant, Carroll 193b Bonham 1860
Grant, E. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Grant, G. W. 177b Bonham 1860
Grant, James 193a Bonham 1860
Graves, Adda 172a Bonham 1860
Grawman, Benjamin 230a Ladonia 1860
Gray, David 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Gray, S. H. 170d Bonham 1860
Gray, T. 195a Bonham 1860
Green, Louisa 245a Honey Grove 1860
Green, T. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Green, T. S. 253b Bonham 1860
Greene, G. 244b Honey Grove 1860
Greene, Paris 190b Bonham 1860
Greene, Pinksey 171b Bonham 1860
Gregory, L. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Griffin, R. A. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Grimes, James 173b Honey Grove 1860
Grogan, D. A. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Grogan, Drury 252b Bonham 1860
Groves, E. S. 255b Oak Hill 1860
Gualtney, John 243a Honey Grove 1860
Gualtney, W. J. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Gutherie, W. E. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Guyman, J. 208a Orangeville 1860
Gwen, Thomas 177b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 90

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- H -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Hackley, Susan 170c Bonham 1860
Hadden, W. N. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Hagler, A. 231a Ladonia 1860
Hagler, John 230a Ladonia 1860
Haines, S. 202a Bonham 1860
Hakit, H. B. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Halbrook, Nancy 192a Bonham 1860
Hale, J. C. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Hales, William 241b Honey Grove 1860
Hall, A. E. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Hall, A. M 168b Bonham 1860
Hall, E. 211b Orangeville 1860
Hall, J. R. W. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Hall, W. P. 210b Orangeville 1860
Hallan, M. 195a Bonham 1860
Hamerley, S. A. 179b Bonham 1860
Hamilton, G. W. 205a Orangeville 1860
Hammill, M. A. 239b Honey Grove 1860
Hampton, Alex 245a Honey Grove 1860
Hampton, Eunice 179a Bonham 1860
Hampton, J. M. 170a Bonham 1860
Hampton, John 177a Bonham 1860
Hancock, Moses 171b Bonham 1860
Hancock, William 186b Bonham 1860
Hancock, Wm. A. 220a Ladonia 1860
Haney, Thomas 257b Bonham 1860
Hankins, E. 219a Ladonia 1860
Hankins, S. A. 219a Ladonia 1860
Hanson, James 194b Bonham 1860
Hardeman, W. S. 260a Bonham 1860
Harden, B. 246b Honey Grove 1860
Harder, C. B. 260b Bonham 1860
Hardin, E. 206b Orangeville 1860
Harington, M. 247b Bonham 1860
Harle, E. 185a Bonham 1860
Harris, C. R. 210a Orangeville 1860
Harris, Jane C. 186a Bonham 1860
Harris, Jerry 242a Honey Grove 1860
Harris, Joseph 239b Honey Grove 1860
Harris, S. S. 209b Orangeville 1860
Harris, Sarah M. 187b Bonham 1860
Harris, W. L. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Harrison, A. C. 187a Bonham 1860
Harrold, D. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Harrold, E. 226a Ladonia 1860
Hart, A. P. 244a Honey Grove 1860
Hart, Aaron 223b Honey Grove 1860
Hart, Andy 201b Bonham 1860
Hart, D. 199a Warren 1860
Hart, F. L. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Hart, G. W. 213b Bonham 1860
Hart, J. C. 213b Bonham 1860
Hart, John T. 199b Warren 1860
Hart, M. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Hart, Peter 201b Bonham 1860
Hart, Silas 244a Honey Grove 1860
Hart, Thomas 234a Licke 1860
Hart, Vincent 222a Honey Grove 1860
Harton, James K. 187b Bonham 1860
Hatfield, William C. 244b Honey Grove 1860
Hawkins, A. D. 186b Bonham 1860
Haynes, A. J. 188b Bonham 1860
Haynes, Thomas 177b Bonham 1860
Hays, Dorcas 236b Licke 1860
Hays, L. C. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Hays, Samuel 238b Licke 1860
Hays, William 193b Bonham 1860
Hays, William E. 193a Bonham 1860
Hayter, A. 233b Licke 1860
Hayter, Henry C. 234a Licke 1860
Hayter, John L. 233b Licke 1860
Hazel, M. 244a Honey Grove 1860
Helm, Willis 242a Honey Grove 1860
Helton, H. 228a Ladonia 1860
Henderson, M. 258b Bonham 1860
Hendrick, G. W. 170b Bonham 1860
Henry, H. H. S. 198a Warren 1860
Henry, W. 197a Warren 1860
Henslee, K. C. 195b Bonham 1860
Henslee, S. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Hensley, K. C. 195a Bonham 1860
Hicks, A. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Hicks, E. B. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Higginbottom, Thomas 244b Honey Grove 1860
Higginbottom, William 244b Honey Grove 1860
Higginbotton, M. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Highsaw, Fred 259a Bonham 1860
Highsaw, Mary 259a Bonham 1860
Hill, H. 194a Bonham 1860
Hill, J. S. 203b Bonham 1860
Hill, R. L. 169a Bonham 1860
Hilton, H. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Hines, C. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Hines, M. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Hinkle, C. 190b Bonham 1860
Hinton, James H. 350 Ladonia 1860
Hinton, O. 260b Bonham 1860
Hinton, William W. 350 Ladonia 1860
Hobbs, Thomas 216a Honey Grove 1860
Hodges, F. 206b Orangeville 1860
Hoffar, H. H. 169a Bonham 1860
Hoffar, J. M. 169a Bonham 1860
Hoffman, J. F. 208a Orangeville 1860
Hoffman, S. S. . 208a Orangeville 1860
Holabee, O. F. 201b Bonham 1860
Holland, E. J. 198b Warren 1860
Holloway, John F. 217a Honey Grove 1860
Holloway, S. M. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Holman, S. J. 208a Orangeville 1860
Holmes, John 231a Ladonia 1860
Holmes, S. W. H. 232b Ladonia 1860
Holmes, W. H. 232a Ladonia 1860
Holms, Mary 170c Bonham 1860
Holt, F. 243a Honey Grove 1860
Holt, Jack 253a Bonham 1860
Holt, Thomas 245a Honey Grove 1860
Hooker, D. M. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Hoover, S. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Hopechart, P. 170b Bonham 1860
Hopper, J. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Hopper, J. M. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Horace, J. A. 201b Bonham 1860
Horn, Eppy 168a Bonham 1860
Horn, William H. 226b Ladonia 1860
Houswright, H. 218b Ladonia 1860
Howard, R. M. 208a Orangeville 1860
Howell, Syl 172a Bonham 1860
Huddleston, William S. 188a Bonham 1860
Hudson, F. 201b Bonham 1860
Hudson, H. C. 224b Ladonia 1860
Hudson, Sam 224b Ladonia 1860
Huffman, James 173a Honey Grove 1860
Hughs, William 225b Ladonia 1860
Hulsey, H. 230a Ladonia 1860
Hulsey, J. 257b Bonham 1860
Hulsey, Jno 219a Ladonia 1860
Hulsey, S. 220a Ladonia 1860
Hulsey, Wiley 221a Honey Grove 1860
Hulsey, Wm. 220a Ladonia 1860
Humble, H. (Henry) 238b Licke 1860
Humphreys, Jacob 232a Ladonia 1860
Hunt, Charles D. 349 Ladonia 1860
Hunt, E. M 207a Orangeville 1860
Hunt, J. M. 204a Bonham 1860
Hunt, James V. 203b Bonham 1860
Hunt, R. S. 169b Bonham 1860
Hunt, S. W. 204a Bonham 1860
Hunter, H. H. 257a Bonham 1860
Hunter, J. 195b Bonham 1860
Hunter, J. T. 183a Bonham 1860
Hunter, Mary 256b Bonham 1860
Hunter, R. A. 170a Bonham 1860
Hunter, William 194a Bonham 1860
Huntley, J. 196a Bonham 1860
Hurley, William 246b Honey Grove 1860
Hurt, Mary 254a Oak Hill 1860
Huston, Sallie 200b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 157

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- I -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Inge, M. H. 198a Warren 1860
Inglish, Bailey 172a Bonham 1860
Inglish, William 231b Ladonia 1860
Ingram, J. B. 170c Bonham 1860
Isham, James 235b Licke 1860

Total records found: 5

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- J -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Jackson, A. A. 260b Bonham 1860
Jackson, A. C. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Jackson, Alexander 351 Ladonia 1860
Jackson, Angela 217a Honey Grove 1860
Jackson, B. 260b Bonham 1860
Jackson, D. J. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Jackson, E. 217a Honey Grove 1860
Jackson, J. C. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Jackson, M. J. 186b Bonham 1860
Jackson, O. J. 260a Bonham 1860
James, J. R. 231b Ladonia 1860
James, Joel 231b Ladonia 1860
James, John 226a Ladonia 1860
James, W. J. 227b Ladonia 1860
James, Wiley 235b Licke 1860
James, William 236a Licke 1860
Jay, George W. 193a Bonham 1860
Jeffers, H. 195b Bonham 1860
Jeffers, Jane 195b Bonham 1860
Jenkins, W. 184b Bonham 1860
Jenks, Julia 334 Ladonia 1860
Jenks, Seth 335 Ladonia 1860
Johnson, A. 170c Bonham 1860
Johnson, A. W. 185a Bonham 1860
Johnson, B. S. 171b Bonham 1860
Johnson, Brown 172a Bonham 1860
Johnson, Burrell 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Johnson, E. 231b Ladonia 1860
Johnson, I. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Johnson, Isaac 335 Ladonia 1860
Johnson, M. W. 170c Bonham 1860
Johnson, N. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Johnson, Nathan 239a Honey Grove 1860
Johnson, P. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Johnson, R. B. 253a Bonham 1860
Johnson, R. B. 242a Honey Grove 1860
Johnson, Samuel 200a Warren 1860
Johnson, William 239b Honey Grove 1860
Johnson, William C. 232b Ladonia 1860
Johnston, C. A. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Jolley, John 240a Honey Grove 1860
Jolly, R. B. 180b Bonham 1860
Jones, Andrew 244b Honey Grove 1860
Jones, C. C. 184b Bonham 1860
Jones, C. H. 206a Orangeville 1860
Jones, Charles R. 168a Bonham 1860
Jones, David J. 334 Ladonia 1860
Jones, G. W. 199b Warren 1860
Jones, H. H. 184a Bonham 1860
Jones, H. M. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Jones, H. M. 245a Honey Grove 1860
Jones, Isham 244a Honey Grove 1860
Jones, J. W. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Jones, James 170b Bonham 1860
Jones, John G. 187b Bonham 1860
Jones, M. C. 188a Bonham 1860
Jones, Philander 239a Honey Grove 1860
Jones, R. S. 177a Bonham 1860
Jones, T. D. 215a Bonham 1860
Jones, Thomas 215b Bonham 1860
Jones, W. C. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Jones, William 215b Bonham 1860
Jones, William M. 193a Bonham 1860
Journey, J. 190a Bonham 1860
Justice, J. P. 183a Bonham 1860
Justice, James 183a Bonham 1860
Justice, William 183a Bonham 1860

Total records found: 67

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- K -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Kane, Susan 177a Bonham 1860
Keene, M. L. 253a Bonham 1860
Keene, S. L. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Keller, H. 218b Ladonia 1860
Keller, J. M. 204b Orangeville 1860
Kelley, A. H. 247b Bonham 1860
Kelley, M. F. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Kelly, William W. 334 Ladonia 1860
Kennedy, E. D. 170d Bonham 1860
Kennedy, G. B. 210b Orangeville 1860
Kennedy, N. C. 253a Bonham 1860
Kennedy, W. W. 253a Bonham 1860
Kenzel, Henry J. 170b Bonham 1860
Kerr, A. C. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Kerr, M. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Kerr, M. A. 178a Bonham 1860
Kerr, Y. 178a Bonham 1860
Ketcham, Ed 180a Bonham 1860
Kifer, Alfred 207a Orangeville 1860
Kifer, William 207a Orangeville 1860
Kimble, C. B. 194b Bonham 1860
Kincaid, A. 190a Bonham 1860
Kincaid, J. H. 234a Licke 1860
Kincaid, J.H. 235b Licke 1860
King, D. M. 233b Licke 1860
King, Hugh D. 333 Ladonia 1860
King, Sandy 201a Bonham 1860
Kinman, Rosanna 334 Ladonia 1860
Kinson, S. D. 238a Licke 1860
Kirk, Isaac 255b Oak Hill 1860
Kirk, James 184a Bonham 1860
Kirk, M. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Kirk, Mary 184a Bonham 1860
Kirk, Willis 255a Oak Hill 1860
Kirkpatrick, N. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Kirkpatrick, S. H. 184b Bonham 1860
Kirksey, William 189a Bonham 1860
Kitchens, J. 198a Warren 1860
Kitchens, N. 198b Warren 1860
Klopp, Isaac 171a Bonham 1860

Total records found: 40

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- L -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Lambert, J. S. 252b Bonham 1860
Lane, Jesse 350 Ladonia 1860
Lane, John 223b Honey Grove 1860
Lane, Joseph 189b Bonham 1860
Lane, R. H. 179b Bonham 1860
Lane, William R. 350 Ladonia 1860
Lang, G. W. 214a Bonham 1860
Lang, J. S. 213b Bonham 1860
Langham, E. M. 233a Licke 1860
Langham, P. A. 233a Licke 1860
Laniers, D. P. 243a Honey Grove 1860
Laniers, Kate 243b Honey Grove 1860
Lankford, J. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Lankford, M. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Lankford, S. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Larison, J. H. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Larkin, A. 201a Bonham 1860
Larkin, M. 201b Bonham 1860
Lasiter, L. 211b Orangeville 1860
Laswell, E. 205a Orangeville 1860
Latimer, C.T. 220a Ladonia 1860
Latimer, S. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Latta, J. L. 188a Bonham 1860
Latta, James S. 188b Bonham 1860
Latta, Thomas N. 179a Bonham 1860
Lawson, Nicholas P. 349 Ladonia 1860
Lawson, William 349 Ladonia 1860
Lee, Charles 200b Bonham 1860
Lee, F. M. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Lee, J. A. 185a Bonham 1860
Lee, J. H. 236b Licke 1860
Lee, J. N. 184a Bonham 1860
Lee, Jane 237b Licke 1860
Lee, John C. 230a Ladonia 1860
Lee, Joshua 200b Bonham 1860
Lee, L. M. 180b Bonham 1860
Lee, M. J. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Lee, R. D. 230a Ladonia 1860
Lee, R. W. 172a Bonham 1860
Lee, S. F. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Lee, S. J. 201a Bonham 1860
Lee, Sallie 237b Licke 1860
Lee, William H. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Lee, William M. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Leeman, J. H. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Lemascus, G. 212b Orangeville 1860
Lemaster, J. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Lemaster, S. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Leonard, E. C. 210a Orangeville 1860
Leppard, George 246b Honey Grove 1860
Lewis, E. 213b Bonham 1860
Lewis, Eliza J. 171b Bonham 1860
Lewis, R. W. 171b Bonham 1860
Lewis, Silas 196a Bonham 1860
Lewis, William M. 215a Bonham 1860
Light, William 259b Bonham 1860
Lightfoot, H. C. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Lincoln, Jesse 349 Ladonia 1860
Lincomb, L. 260b Bonham 1860
Lindsay, J. L. 214a Bonham 1860
Lindsay, Thomas 214b Bonham 1860
Lineberger, F. R. 194b Bonham 1860
Linley, Redelliam 351 Ladonia 1860
Linman, T. G. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Linn, William 231b Ladonia 1860
Linton, D. F. 215a Bonham 1860
Linton, J. C. 215a Bonham 1860
Lisle, Elijah 245a Honey Grove 1860
Lisle, Lucretia 244a Honey Grove 1860
Litchmond, J. H. 215b Bonham 1860
Lloyd, William 238a Licke 1860
Locke, Ben 200a Warren 1860
Locke, R. H. 172a Bonham 1860
Lockkey, E. 205a Orangeville 1860
Lockkey, G. 206a Orangeville 1860
Logsdon, E. K. 186b Bonham 1860
Logsdon, Joseph 192a Bonham 1860
Logsdon, Martin 169b Bonham 1860
Long, A. B. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Long, Jacob 180a Bonham 1860
Lorance, J. A. 201a Bonham 1860
Love, B. F. 227a Ladonia 1860
Love, D. P. 170a Bonham 1860
Lovelace, A. M. 192a Bonham 1860
Lovelace, Charles 178b Bonham 1860
Lovelace, J. W. 196a Bonham 1860
Lovelace, J. W. 189a Bonham 1860
Lovelace, J. W. 195b Bonham 1860
Lovelace, William 189a Bonham 1860
Lovett, Martin 216b Honey Grove 1860
Lumpkin, J. 218b Ladonia 1860
Lumpkins, A. J. 218a Ladonia 1860
Lunce, M. E. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Lyday, A. 224b Ladonia 1860
Lyday, Isaac 223b Honey Grove 1860
Lynch, James 173b Honey Grove 1860

Total records found: 96

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- M -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Maddery, P. B. 170a Bonham 1860
Madison, Benjamin L. 349 Ladonia 1860
Magill, H. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Magill, Robert 216b Honey Grove 1860
Magill, S. P. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Mallory, H. H. 204a Bonham 1860
Maloney, T. 231b Ladonia 1860
Marley, John 236a Licke 1860
Marlow, Cintha 196b Warren 1860
Marlow, J. 183b Bonham 1860
Marlow, J. A. 196b Warren 1860
Marlow, R. 196a Bonham 1860
Marlow, William 183b Bonham 1860
Marrow, S. E. 197a Warren 1860
Mars, J. R. 183a Bonham 1860
Marseille, M. L. 179b Bonham 1860
Marseilles, M. 180a Bonham 1860
Martin, Eliza 192b Bonham 1860
Martin, J. 211b Orangeville 1860
Martin, James 224a Honey Grove 1860
Martin, John 174b Honey Grove 1860
Martin, M. 177b Bonham 1860
Martin, Sarah 192b Bonham 1860
Martin, W. S. 252a Bonham 1860
Martin, William 229a Ladonia 1860
Martsoff, C. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Mason, J. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Masseger, J. 203a Bonham 1860
Masseger, S. J. 203b Bonham 1860
Massengil, W. Y. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Massey, E. 220a Ladonia 1860
Mauser, F. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Maxwell, Wiley 183b Bonham 1860
May, J. 204b Orangeville 1860
May, Thomas 220a Ladonia 1860
Mayes, G. M. 200b Bonham 1860
Mayo, James 335 Ladonia 1860
Mayo, Jeff T. 334 Ladonia 1860
Mayo, William S. 335 Ladonia 1860
McAdams, S. 246b Honey Grove 1860
McAdams, S. M. 246b Honey Grove 1860
McAneer, Daniel J. 349 Ladonia 1860
McBath, J. M. 173b Honey Grove 1860
McBeard, Thomas 174b Honey Grove 1860
McBjeske, P. 194b Bonham 1860
McCague, E. 187b Bonham 1860
McCart, James 240a Honey Grove 1860
McCartey, J. H. 202a Bonham 1860
McCarver, J. 171a Bonham 1860
McCassan, J. L. 169b Bonham 1860
McCauley, M. 225b Ladonia 1860
McCaully, D. 185a Bonham 1860
McChandler, J. 233a Licke 1860
McClanahan, S. 238b Licke 1860
McClanahan, S. 239a Honey Grove 1860
McClellen, A. 246a Honey Grove 1860
McClellen, D. J. 221a Honey Grove 1860
McClellen, S. A. 221b Honey Grove 1860
McClendon, G. 184b Bonham 1860
McClendon, H. H. 184a Bonham 1860
McClure, W. N. 175b Honey Grove 1860
McClure, W. S. 222a Honey Grove 1860
McCollum, J. 209a Orangeville 1860
McCollum, J. 211a Orangeville 1860
McCowan, G. W. 226a Ladonia 1860
McCowan, J. J. 232a Ladonia 1860
McCrary, E. 220b Honey Grove 1860
McCraw, T. B. 217a Honey Grove 1860
McCraw, W. M. 217b Honey Grove 1860
McCullan, A. A. 259a Bonham 1860
McCullough, A. 215a Bonham 1860
McDade, J. J. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
McDade, William 247b Bonham 1860
McDaniel, R. 205a Orangeville 1860
McDonald, D. R. 201b Bonham 1860
McDonald, H. 233b Licke 1860
McDonald, J. C. 177a Bonham 1860
McDonald, J. M. 233a Licke 1860
McDonald, John 233b Licke 1860
McDonald, John 193a Bonham 1860
McDonald, M. 233a Licke 1860
McDonald, Peter 189a Bonham 1860
McDonald, William 193b Bonham 1860
McDonald, Wilson 193a Bonham 1860
McDowel, John 185a Bonham 1860
McDuffer, F. M. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
McDuffey, M. 215b Bonham 1860
McFarland, A.J. 218b Ladonia 1860
McFarland, J. 219a Ladonia 1860
McFarland, J. O. 210b Orangeville 1860
McFarland, John 193b Bonham 1860
McFarland, R. 243a Honey Grove 1860
McFarland, S. 205b Orangeville 1860
McFarland, S. 206a Orangeville 1860
McGamis, F. M. 170b Bonham 1860
McGee, A. G. 234b Licke 1860
McGinnis, Strait 192a Bonham 1860
McGraw, A. L. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
McGuffey, C. 237a Licke 1860
McKay, Jensey 228b Ladonia 1860
McKee, A. A. 174a Honey Grove 1860
McKee, D. A. 173a Honey Grove 1860
McKee, J. R. 168b Bonham 1860
McKee, Jane 223b Honey Grove 1860
McKee, S. W. 223a Honey Grove 1860
McLauren, E. 174b Honey Grove 1860
McLauren, J. 173b Honey Grove 1860
McMellen, Thomas 217b Honey Grove 1860
McNabb, A. J. 203a Bonham 1860
McNabb, J. B. 260b Bonham 1860
McNealy, B. 259a Bonham 1860
McPhaill, R. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
McRea, A. R. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
McRea, M. 248b Garnetts Bluff 1860
McRea, U. J. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Meadows, R. 247a Bonham 1860
Medlin, A. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Medlin, F. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Medlin, H. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Medlin, H. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Medlin, W. H. J. 251a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Melugin, J. B. 205b Orangeville 1860
Melugin, S. 206b Orangeville 1860
Merrick, William 224b Ladonia 1860
Merrill, M. A. 219b Ladonia 1860
Merrill, R. 219b Ladonia 1860
Messer, John 195b Bonham 1860
Methvin, Anna 241a Honey Grove 1860
Methvin, J. S. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Methvin, James 224b Ladonia 1860
Methvin, Levi 245b Honey Grove 1860
Milam, E. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Milam, M. L. 259b Bonham 1860
Milam, William 259a Bonham 1860
Milbrone, S. R. 188b Bonham 1860
Miles, William G. 334 Ladonia 1860
Miller, A. S. 226b Ladonia 1860
Miller, Adam T. 351 Ladonia 1860
Miller, Bell 206a Orangeville 1860
Miller, Oma 221b Honey Grove 1860
Miller, P. E. 243a Honey Grove 1860
Miller, S. 218a Ladonia 1860
Miller, William 183b Bonham 1860
Mills, John P. 333 Ladonia 1860
Mitchell, E. 199a Warren 1860
Mitchell, E. 212a Orangeville 1860
Mitchell, R. P. 211b Orangeville 1860
Mithcell, A. B. 181a Bonham 1860
Mithcell, J. F. 181a Bonham 1860
Moffatt, A. G. 226b Ladonia 1860
Mohusen, E. 203a Bonham 1860
Montgomery, S. F. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Montogmery, J. P. 209a Orangeville 1860
Moody, Andy 200a Warren 1860
Moody, Joseph 200a Warren 1860
Moore, Alex 187b Bonham 1860
Moore, G. M. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Moore, James 173b Honey Grove 1860
Moore, James 177b Bonham 1860
Moore, L. P. 236b Licke 1860
Moore, Mathew 238b Licke 1860
Moore, O. 252a Bonham 1860
Moore, R. R. 227a Ladonia 1860
Moore, Robert 234a Licke 1860
Moore, Susan 190b Bonham 1860
Moore, T. 252b Bonham 1860
Moore, William F. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Morehead, J. W. 238a Licke 1860
Morgan, B. 218b Ladonia 1860
Morris, Austin 171b Bonham 1860
Morris, Eliza 225a Ladonia 1860
Morris, M. 204a Bonham 1860
Morris, Site 197a Warren 1860
Morrison, A. J. 211b Orangeville 1860
Morrison, D. M. 246b Honey Grove 1860
Morrison, Daniel 212a Orangeville 1860
Morrison, Joseph 243b Honey Grove 1860
Morrison, L. C. 212b Orangeville 1860
Morrison, P. 257b Bonham 1860
Morrison, William 257b Bonham 1860
Morrow, D. 257b Bonham 1860
Morrow, Nancy 256b Bonham 1860
Morrow, Zach 196b Warren 1860
Moseley, John 226b Ladonia 1860
Moss, David 222a Honey Grove 1860
Moss, R. 219a Ladonia 1860
Moss, William W. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Mouning, J. S. 219a Ladonia 1860
Mouser, Isaac 189b Bonham 1860
Mouser, Jesse 189b Bonham 1860
Muchmore, J. 181a Bonham 1860
Murphy, Barney 335 Ladonia 1860
Murphy, C. 193a Bonham 1860
Murphy, Greenbury 332 Ladonia 1860
Murphy, Jack G. 332 Ladonia 1860
Murray, Dow 185a Bonham 1860
Murry, S. D. 189b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 197

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- N -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Nail, John 221b Honey Grove 1860
Nail, William M. 195a Bonham 1860
Nance, S. 211a Orangeville 1860
Nance, V. 211b Orangeville 1860
Napier, Dalton A. 349 Ladonia 1860
Narian, Odes 191a Bonham 1860
Nathan, Henry 168a Bonham 1860
Nave, J. 259b Bonham 1860
Neaterson, William H. H. 168b Bonham 1860
Nedever, A. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Neff, John 199a Warren 1860
Nelms, A. S. 183a Bonham 1860
Nelms, C. C. 182b Bonham 1860
Nelms, John A. 179b Bonham 1860
Netherton, F. W. 193a Bonham 1860
Netherton, H. 206a Orangeville 1860
Netherton, M. 207a Orangeville 1860
Netherton, William 207b Orangeville 1860
Newberry, A. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, Ed 245b Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, J. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, J. J. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, Jesse J. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, Louisa 246a Honey Grove 1860
Newberry, W. E. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Newhouse, A. 240b Honey Grove 1860
Newkirk, P. 255b Oak Hill 1860
Newman, J. W. 170c Bonham 1860
Newton, J. 258a Bonham 1860
Nichols, Frank 191b Bonham 1860
Nichols, R. 192a Bonham 1860
Nicholson, A. G. 237b Licke 1860
Nicholson, John R. 234a Licke 1860
Nighton, F. 195a Bonham 1860
Nix, Levicy 176a Honey Grove 1860
Nixon, Healy 171b Bonham 1860
Noah, E. F. 208a Orangeville 1860
Noah, J. W. 197a Warren 1860
Noblett, S. 207a Orangeville 1860
Norman, J. G. 244a Honey Grove 1860
Norman, James 244b Honey Grove 1860
Norman, William 244b Honey Grove 1860
Nowell, Bernardo G. 351 Ladonia 1860
Nowell, Janetta 352 Ladonia 1860
Nowell, William A. 352 Ladonia 1860
Nunn, J.M. 168b Bonham 1860
Nunnelee, S. D. 170d Bonham 1860
Nunnslee, J. W. 260a Bonham 1860
Nunnslee, James 260a Bonham 1860

Total records found: 49

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- O -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Olds, N. P. 215b Bonham 1860
Oliphant, W. D 168a Bonham 1860
Oliphint, J. B. 170c Bonham 1860
Oliver, A. 259b Bonham 1860
Oliver, Nancy 229b Ladonia 1860
Oliver, Sevin 229a Ladonia 1860
Oller, William 191a Bonham 1860
Omison, C. 199a Warren 1860
Onstott, E. 193a Bonham 1860
Onstott, William S. 193a Bonham 1860
Ordes, William 219b Ladonia 1860
Organ, S. 211b Orangeville 1860
Osbrone, I. J. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Oxford, David W. 334 Ladonia 1860
Oxford, William B. 226b Ladonia 1860

Total records found: 15

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- P -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Pace, A. E. 171a Bonham 1860
Pace, A. L. 170d Bonham 1860
Pace, J. S. 237b Licke 1860
Pace, Susan E. 238a Licke 1860
Paceley, S. H. 199a Warren 1860
Paces, J. E. 213b Bonham 1860
Page, Polly 220a Ladonia 1860
Palmer, J. H. 212b Orangeville 1860
Papenaugh, James 178a Bonham 1860
Parker, E. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Parker, H. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Parker, J. W. 219b Ladonia 1860
Parker, W. S. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Parker, William 171b Bonham 1860
Parks, Henry 172a Bonham 1860
Parr, Charles 254b Oak Hill 1860
Parrish, B. B. 237a Licke 1860
Parrish, J. C. 198a Warren 1860
Parrish, W. S. 198a Warren 1860
Partlow, David 334 Ladonia 1860
Partlow, Richard G. 334 Ladonia 1860
Pass, Thomas Y. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Paten, Clarissa 171a Bonham 1860
Paten, V. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Patrick, W. 227b Ladonia 1860
Patten, J. M. 214b Bonham 1860
Paul, William 176b Honey Grove 1860
Payne, Mary E. 168b Bonham 1860
Pearce, Rebecca 182b Bonham 1860
Peason, Thomas H. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Peeple, C. H. 219b Ladonia 1860
Pendergast, John 222b Honey Grove 1860
Pendergast, M. 223a Honey Grove 1860
Pendergast, M. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Pener, J. W. 203b Bonham 1860
Penick, N. B. 203b Ladonia 1860
Pennington, A. 226b Ladonia 1860
Pennington, Lewis A. 226b Ladonia 1860
Pennington, Lewis A. 169a Bonham 1860
Pennington, N. 226a Ladonia 1860
Penwell, E. S. 177a Bonham 1860
Peters, Elijah 238b Licke 1860
Pettigrew, J.H. 193b Bonham 1860
Pettitt, Emily 255b Oak Hill 1860
Petty, Robert 254b Oak Hill 1860
Petty, William 235b Licke 1860
Petty, William 254a Oak Hill 1860
Phelps, Sarah 218b Ladonia 1860
Phelps, Sarah 235a Licke 1860
Philips, R. T. 170a Bonham 1860
Pickett, S. A. 253a Bonham 1860
Pickitt, L. A. 209b Orangeville 1860
Pierce, F. B. 238b Licke 1860
Pierce, F. P. 209a Orangeville 1860
Pierce, T. L. 199b Warren 1860
Pig, John W. 199a Warren 1860
Pilant, H. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Pile, H. J. 229b Ladonia 1860
Pile, J. 229a Ladonia 1860
Pile, James 176a Honey Grove 1860
Piper, Nathaniel A. 349 Ladonia 1860
Poole, C. C. 188b Bonham 1860
Pope, H. P. 247b Bonham 1860
Porter, John H. 180b Bonham 1860
Porter, William 208a Orangeville 1860
Porterfield, J. 199a Warren 1860
Prater, Julius 189a Bonham 1860
Pratt, S. C. 189b Bonham 1860
Price, Evan 200a Warren 1860
Price, J. C. 223b Honey Grove 1860
Price, John 199b Warren 1860
Prickit, Jane 240b Honey Grove 1860
Prickitt, J. D. 252b Bonham 1860
Privett, C. M. 227a Ladonia 1860
Privett, L. 226b Ladonia 1860
Provine, J. C. 235b Licke 1860
Provine, W. A. 246b Honey Grove 1860
Pugh, Alex 214a Bonham 1860
Pugh, Daniel 258b Bonham 1860
Pugh, G. 252b Bonham 1860
Pulliam, P. E. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Pyle, B. B. 231a Ladonia 1860
Pyle, James A. 231a Ladonia 1860
Pyle, R. M. 230b Ladonia 1860
Pyrer, William O. 181b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 85

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- R -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Ragland, Evan L. 334 Ladonia 1860
Ragsdale, T. 260b Bonham 1860
Ragus, Hanah 171b Bonham 1860
Rainey, A. B. 234b Licke 1860
Rainey, S. D. 170a Bonham 1860
Rambo, R. J. 230b Ladonia 1860
Ramey, D. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Ramsey, George 201b Bonham 1860
Ramsey, H.E. 253a Bonham 1860
Ramsey, J. 239b Honey Grove 1860
Ramsey, S. K. 239b Honey Grove 1860
Rathers, E. 170b Bonham 1860
Rattan, H. 259b Bonham 1860
Rattan, M. 230b Ladonia 1860
Rawlins, J. E. 170c Bonham 1860
Ray, Isaac 231b Ladonia 1860
Reader, A. 208b Orangeville 1860
Reader, William 208a Orangeville 1860
Reagan, John B 234a Licke 1860
Ream, A. 252a Bonham 1860
Rector, William 197a Warren 1860
Redner, D. S. 226b Ladonia 1860
Redwine, Joseph 192b Bonham 1860
Reed, James P. 178a Bonham 1860
Reeves, J. H. 232a Ladonia 1860
Reeves, R. S. 193a Bonham 1860
Reich, O. A. 170c Bonham 1860
Reid, E. 202a Bonham 1860
Reid, J. M. 202a Bonham 1860
Reid, K. 179a Bonham 1860
Renner, George 227b Ladonia 1860
Revell, T. B. 226b Ladonia 1860
Rhodes, A. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Ribble, M. A. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Rice, D. P. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Richards, Amanda 235a Licke 1860
Richardson, Samuel O. 351 Ladonia 1860
Riddle, Henry A. 336 Ladonia 1860
Ridenour, H. 234b Licke 1860
Rider, George 190b Bonham 1860
Ridgeway, H. 201a Bonham 1860
Ridings, C. C. 202b Bonham 1860
Rigney, J. M. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Riley, Joseph 352 Ladonia 1860
Ring, J. P. 255b Oak Hill 1860
Risley, D. H. 209b Orangeville 1860
Risley, E. 203b Bonham 1860
Risley, S. J. 209b Orangeville 1860
Robards, Charles 185a Bonham 1860
Roberts, Eli 230a Ladonia 1860
Roberts, M. 189b Bonham 1860
Roberts, M. R. 247b Bonham 1860
Roberts, Pleasant C. 332 Ladonia 1860
Roberts, S. W. 247a Bonham 1860
Roberts, Samuel A. 172a Bonham 1860
Robinet, J. J. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Robinett, J. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Robinson, A. 214b Bonham 1860
Robinson, S. 213b Bonham 1860
Robinson, W. B. 213a Orangeville 1860
Rogers, E. C. 179b Bonham 1860
Rogers, J. 194b Bonham 1860
Rogers, N. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Rogers, R. 228b Ladonia 1860
Rogers, Silas 207a Orangeville 1860
Roland, Enoch 207a Orangeville 1860
Roland, James 194b Bonham 1860
Rooker, Caleb 187a Bonham 1860
Roop, G. W. 171b Bonham 1860
Roop, G. W. 257a Bonham 1860
Rose, J. M. 190a Bonham 1860
Ross, Thomas 212a Orangeville 1860
Routh, J. 215b Bonham 1860
Routh, Polly 171b Bonham 1860
Routh, W. A. 168a Bonham 1860
Rowden, E. S. 209b Orangeville 1860
Rowlett, John O. 179b Bonham 1860
Rudolph, R. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Ruiz, Ametho 184b Bonham 1860
Runnels, F. C. 259b Bonham 1860
Rush, J. M. 195a Bonham 1860
Russell, D. A. 189a Bonham 1860
Russell, J. R. 168a Bonham 1860
Russell, R. P. 188b Bonham 1860
Rutherford, J. A. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Rutlidge, S. 208a Orangeville 1860
Rutlidge, S. M. 207b Orangeville 1860

Total records found: 87

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- S -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Sabastian, E. B. 187b Bonham 1860
Sackitt, H. 252b Bonham 1860
Saddler, B. 193b Bonham 1860
Saddler, Green 189a Bonham 1860
Saddler, Henry 233b Licke 1860
Saddler, J. S. 233b Licke 1860
Saddler, J.F. 238b Licke 1860
Saddler, James 236a Licke 1860
Saddler, John 238a Licke 1860
Samuels, John 201a Bonham 1860
Sand, William J. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Sanders, B. R. 205a Orangeville 1860
Sanders, G. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Sanders, J. 211a Orangeville 1860
Sanders, Lemuel 240b Honey Grove 1860
Sanders, V. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Sandes, W. T. 213b Bonham 1860
Sassada, M. E. 172a Bonham 1860
Sauls, Nancy 351 Ladonia 1860
Sawery, P. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Saxton, James 198b Warren 1860
Schmidt, Clara 172b Bonham 1860
Schoolcraft, J. 202b Bonham 1860
Scott, A. D. 186b Bonham 1860
Scott, Abraham M. 351 Ladonia 1860
Scott, Jane 205b Orangeville 1860
Scott, Olivia 351 Ladonia 1860
Scott, William 350 Ladonia 1860
Scrimshaw, J. W. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Seal, A. 214b Bonham 1860
Seal, Elizbeth 178b Bonham 1860
Seal, Marneva 180a Bonham 1860
Seal, Nancy 169a Bonham 1860
Seal, R. 172b Bonham 1860
Sear, Angeline 178b Bonham 1860
Sear, L. 205b Orangeville 1860
Searcy, J. S. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Searcy, Sam'L 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Sears, C. 207b Orangeville 1860
Sears, J. B. 209a Orangeville 1860
Sears, J. H. 207b Orangeville 1860
Sebastian, E. 219a Ladonia 1860
Sebastian, M. 218b Ladonia 1860
Sebastian, R. 219a Ladonia 1860
Seco, William H. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Seitz, Mary E. 257a Bonham 1860
Seitz, W. P. 169b Bonham 1860
Self, A. M. 234b Licke 1860
Self, A. P. 246b Honey Grove 1860
Self, G. W. 237a Licke 1860
Self, J. L. 195b Bonham 1860
Self, M. J. 218a Ladonia 1860
Self, R. Mc. 258b Bonham 1860
Seman, M. V. 255b Oak Hill 1860
Sewell, L. 197a Warren 1860
Shaffer, Samuel 222b Honey Grove 1860
Shaffer, William 222b Honey Grove 1860
Shanklin, J. A. 180b Bonham 1860
Shanks, John 247a Bonham 1860
Sharp, Addison 336 Ladonia 1860
Sharp, E. 238b Licke 1860
Sharp, George 224a Honey Grove 1860
Shaw, R. K. 220a Ladonia 1860
Shaw, Thomas 222a Honey Grove 1860
Sheffield, William M. 191a Bonham 1860
Sherrill, B. T. 258b Bonham 1860
Shields, Joseph 350 Ladonia 1860
Shoat, K. 243a Honey Grove 1860
Short, J. 203a Bonham 1860
Short, W. P. 196a Bonham 1860
Short, William 187b Bonham 1860
Shreen, J. N. 171a Bonham 1860
Shultz, Peter 194a Bonham 1860
Shultz, S. 215b Bonham 1860
Sias, Solomon 170b Bonham 1860
Sietz, David 232b Ladonia 1860
Sifford, R. 247b Bonham 1860
Sigon, T. H. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Simans, C. 221a Honey Grove 1860
Simcox, A.J. 194a Bonham 1860
Simcox, Thomas 194a Bonham 1860
Simmons, E. 258a Bonham 1860
Simpson, J. P. 181a Bonham 1860
Simpson, Robert 177b Bonham 1860
Simpson, William 204b Orangeville 1860
Sims, E. B. 216b Honey Grove 1860
Sims, Z. B. 170a Bonham 1860
Sinclair, S. 258a Bonham 1860
Skelton, J. 224a Honey Grove 1860
Skelton, S. 224b Ladonia 1860
Slack, O. P. 235b Licke 1860
Slagle, G. H. 253b Bonham 1860
Slaughter, P. F. 181a Bonham 1860
Sloan, A. 201a Bonham 1860
Sloan, A. J. 200a Warren 1860
Sloan, Alex 193b Bonham 1860
Sloan, H. 225a Ladonia 1860
Sloan, S. 224b Ladonia 1860
Sloan, T. M. 245b Honey Grove 1860
Sloan, William 224b Ladonia 1860
Sloane, B. S. 174a Honey Grove 1860
Smedley, Charles 203a Bonham 1860
Smedley, H. K. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Smith, Allen 229b Ladonia 1860
Smith, Ang 182b Bonham 1860
Smith, B. 200b Bonham 1860
Smith, B. M. 201b Bonham 1860
Smith, C. P. 170c Bonham 1860
Smith, Charles 335 Ladonia 1860
Smith, D. W. 256b Bonham 1860
Smith, Daniel 201b Bonham 1860
Smith, E. 202a Bonham 1860
Smith, E. F. 234a Licke 1860
Smith, G. M. 254a Oak Hill 1860
Smith, George 236a Licke 1860
Smith, George M. 238a Licke 1860
Smith, Gideon 202a Bonham 1860
Smith, Henry 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Smith, J. 197b Warren 1860
Smith, J. 214a Bonham 1860
Smith, J. C. 237a Licke 1860
Smith, J. C. 202a Bonham 1860
Smith, J. H. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Smith, J. M. 220a Ladonia 1860
Smith, John 199b Warren 1860
Smith, John C 351 Ladonia 1860
Smith, John S. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Smith, M. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Smith, Marion 335 Ladonia 1860
Smith, Orville 173a Honey Grove 1860
Smith, Phebe 177a Bonham 1860
Smith, R. 259b Bonham 1860
Smith, R. D. 244a Honey Grove 1860
Smith, Rice 228a Ladonia 1860
Smith, S. M. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Smith, Silas 173a Honey Grove 1860
Smith, W. 220a Ladonia 1860
Smith, W. W. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Smith, W.A. 257a Bonham 1860
Smith, William H. 233a Licke 1860
Smith, William P. 238a Licke 1860
Smtih, D. G. 222b Honey Grove 1860
Sneed, G. W. 170b Bonham 1860
Snodgrass, J. 196a Bonham 1860
Snow, John 243a Honey Grove 1860
Snow, W. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Snowden, B. H. 199a Warren 1860
Snowden, S. 199a Warren 1860
Sofflemire, J. S. 172a Bonham 1860
Southerland, George 184b Bonham 1860
Southerland, J. 256b Bonham 1860
Southerland, James 183b Bonham 1860
Southerland, Phebe 182b Bonham 1860
Speaker, James 173b Honey Grove 1860
Spelce, Bluford 241b Honey Grove 1860
Spelce, Nancy 242a Honey Grove 1860
Spence, Joseph P. 239b Honey Grove 1860
Spence, V. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Spence, William M. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Spencer, M. 170c Bonham 1860
Sperling, Elenor 192a Bonham 1860
Spradling, James R. 336 Ladonia 1860
Spradling, James R. 336 Ladonia 1860
Spurlock, John 333 Ladonia 1860
Squires, Sarah 212b Orangeville 1860
Squires, W. C. 212b Orangeville 1860
Stabaugh, C. 181b Bonham 1860
Stafford, H. G. 213b Bonham 1860
Stalcup, G. 231b Ladonia 1860
Staley, M. V. 209a Orangeville 1860
Stamper, J. B. 169a Bonham 1860
Standifer, J. E. 205a Orangeville 1860
Stanley, W. A. 171a Bonham 1860
Stansell, C. 256a Oak Hill 1860
Stansell, M. A. 256b Bonham 1860
Stansell, T. 170c Bonham 1860
Stansell, Ury 170c Bonham 1860
Stapp, S. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Stehenson, D. C. 215a Bonham 1860
Steinbeck, P. G. 173b Honey Grove 1860
Stephenson, C. W. 209b Orangeville 1860
Stephenson, M. D. 185a Bonham 1860
Stephenson, William B. 180a Bonham 1860
Stevens, Ann 237b Licke 1860
Stevens, Dick 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Stevens, F. 237b Licke 1860
Stevens, F. 246b Honey Grove 1860
Stevens, H. R. 236a Licke 1860
Stevens, J. M. 232b Ladonia 1860
Stevens, James 216b Honey Grove 1860
Stevens, L. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Stevens, P. H. 213a Orangeville 1860
Stevens, S. M. 238a Licke 1860
Stevenson, M.J. 194b Bonham 1860
Stewart, Alexander 351 Ladonia 1860
Stewart, Alf 187b Bonham 1860
Stewart, E. 238b Licke 1860
Stewart, F. D. 234a Licke 1860
Stewart, Rice 236a Licke 1860
Stewart, William M. 234b Licke 1860
Still, J. R. 227a Ladonia 1860
Still, Jacob 225a Ladonia 1860
Stimpson, T. B. 189a Bonham 1860
Stinnett, Ellis 184a Bonham 1860
Stobaugh, A. G. 173a Honey Grove 1860
Stofford, E. 228a Ladonia 1860
Stone, William 333 Ladonia 1860
Story, Elijah 187b Bonham 1860
Story, John W. 187b Bonham 1860
Story, Thomas 257a Bonham 1860
Stowe, E. H. 180b Bonham 1860
Stowe, Joseph 180b Bonham 1860
Stubbs, James S. E. 169a Bonham 1860
Stutsman, John 258b Bonham 1860
Summit, Frances 222b Honey Grove 1860
Susrean, Joseph 185a Bonham 1860
Swain, R. 204b Orangeville 1860
Swan, G. A. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Sweat, C. 214b Bonham 1860
Sweat, John F. 215a Bonham 1860
Sydston, T. 252a Bonham 1860
Sylvester, Polly 170b Bonham 1860

Total records found: 222

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- T -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Taliafaro, F. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Tarlton, James 171b Bonham 1860
Tarlton, R. P. 260b Bonham 1860
Taylor, Calvin 217a Honey Grove 1860
Taylor, F. K. 254a Oak Hill 1860
Taylor, M. 196b Warren 1860
Taylor, R. H. 184b Bonham 1860
Taylor, William 190b Bonham 1860
Tedford, R. 219a Ladonia 1860
Tedford, William 219b Ladonia 1860
Teftoller, T. C. 170b Bonham 1860
Terry, A. 230b Ladonia 1860
Terry, C. 228b Ladonia 1860
Terry, J. M. 218a Ladonia 1860
Terry, R. N. 230b Ladonia 1860
Terry, T. B. 218b Ladonia 1860
Thatcher, H. D. 240a Honey Grove 1860
Thomas, B. A. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Thomas, David 191a Bonham 1860
Thomas, F. C. 244b Honey Grove 1860
Thomas, R. 255b Oak Hill 1860
Thomas, R. B. 255a Oak Hill 1860
Thomas, William F. 191b Bonham 1860
Thompson, J. P. 209b Orangeville 1860
Thompson, J. R. 209a Orangeville 1860
Thompson, J. W. 169a Bonham 1860
Thompson, P. 184b Bonham 1860
Thompson, Thomas R. 243b Honey Grove 1860
Thornton, C. 181b Bonham 1860
Thornton, John 206b Orangeville 1860
Thornton, S. C. 170b Bonham 1860
Thornton, William 206b Orangeville 1860
Thrasher, J. 211a Orangeville 1860
Thurman, D. K. 248a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Tilfard, A. 197b Warren 1860
Tindle, George 227b Ladonia 1860
Titsworth, J. C. 187a Bonham 1860
Titsworth, J. M. 257a Bonham 1860
Titsworth, L. N. 187a Bonham 1860
Tittle, J. E. 171a Bonham 1860
Todd, J. N. 249a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Tomlinson, George 335 Ladonia 1860
Torbett, J. O. 204b Orangeville 1860
Trant, E. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Trim, C. 204b Orangeville 1860
Trimble, M. H. 247b Bonham 1860
Triplett, T. O. 259a Bonham 1860
Trotter, James 192a Bonham 1860
Trout, B. F. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Trout, O. H. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Trout, P. G. 242a Honey Grove 1860
Tryon, Walter 170b Bonham 1860
Tuck, Catharine 185a Bonham 1860
Tuck, William L. 351 Ladonia 1860
Tucker, William 239b Honey Grove 1860
Tull, Arah 182b Bonham 1860
Turnbough, Sarah 247a Bonham 1860
Turner, B. 209b Orangeville 1860
Turner, J. H. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Turner, Robert 224a Honey Grove 1860
Turner, T.R. 226b Ladonia 1860

Total records found: 61

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- U -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Underwood, J. 211b Orangeville 1860
Underwood, W. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Uttinger, S. A. 228b Ladonia 1860

Total records found: 3

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- V -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Vanclever, E. 192b Bonham 1860
Vankirk, J. 194b Bonham 1860
Vanlear, Wayne 188a Bonham 1860
Vaughn, W. W. 249b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Verner, H. B. 186a Bonham 1860
Verner, John D. 186b Bonham 1860
Vick, E. C. 228a Ladonia 1860
Vick, H. M. 228a Ladonia 1860
Vincent, E. M. 227a Ladonia 1860

Total records found: 9

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- W -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Wagoner, D. 221b Honey Grove 1860
Wagoner, Thomas 173a Honey Grove 1860
Wakefield, S. 197b Warren 1860
Walcott, B. S. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Waldran, W. G. 203a Bonham 1860
Waldrum, L. 203b Bonham 1860
Walker, Ann 228b Ladonia 1860
Walker, J. 208b Orangeville 1860
Walker, J. W. 217b Honey Grove 1860
Walker, James 203a Bonham 1860
Walker, M. A. 209a Orangeville 1860
Walker, M. E. 228b Ladonia 1860
Walker, W. H. 238b Licke 1860
Walker, Wesley C. 335 Ladonia 1860
Walker, William 228b Ladonia 1860
Wall, James 220b Honey Grove 1860
Wall, Samuel 217b Honey Grove 1860
Wall, Theodore 217b Honey Grove 1860
Wallace, H. B. 233a Licke 1860
Wallace, R. S. 237a Licke 1860
Waller, J. S. 254b Oak Hill 1860
Walls, Jane 224a Honey Grove 1860
Walls, John 351 Ladonia 1860
Walls, S. C. 207b Orangeville 1860
Walsam, E. T. 247a Bonham 1860
Walson, Robert 172b Bonham 1860
Ward, A. G. 238a Licke 1860
Ward, Leonard 334 Ladonia 1860
Ward, Nancy 238a Licke 1860
Ward, S. 215b Bonham 1860
Ward, T. G. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Ward, William 240a Honey Grove 1860
Wardwood, John 168a Bonham 1860
Ware, R. S. 197b Warren 1860
Warren, A. 232a Ladonia 1860
Warren, Andrew 200b Bonham 1860
Warren, E. P. 228a Ladonia 1860
Warren, J. Q. A. 191b Bonham 1860
Waters, Samuel 230b Ladonia 1860
Watkins, D. 210a Orangeville 1860
Watkins, Joseph 210b Orangeville 1860
Watkins, William 210b Orangeville 1860
Watson, Amelia A. 336 Ladonia 1860
Watson, E. W. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Weathersbee, R. 192b Bonham 1860
Weaver, Caroline 185b Bonham 1860
Webber, C. 203a Bonham 1860
Webber, William 233b Licke 1860
Weldon, G. G. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Wells, John 224b Ladonia 1860
Wetzell, E. P. 222b Honey Grove 1860
Whatley, J. S. 232b Ladonia 1860
Whatley, M. 231a Ladonia 1860
Whatley, P. 231a Ladonia 1860
Whedbee, S. C. 199b Warren 1860
Wheeler, J. R. 234b Licke 1860
Wheeler, Jim 227b Ladonia 1860
Wheeler, N. J. 239b Honey Grove 1860
Wheeler, Thomas J. 177b Bonham 1860
Wheeler, William 239b Honey Grove 1860
White, A. 218a Ladonia 1860
White, A. C. 209b Orangeville 1860
White, B.F. 242a Honey Grove 1860
White, Byrd A. 179a Bonham 1860
White, F. A. 218b Ladonia 1860
White, J. M. 231a Ladonia 1860
White, James D. 178a Bonham 1860
White, Ransom 178a Bonham 1860
White, S. S. 250b Garnetts Bluff 1860
White, William 189b Bonham 1860
Whiten, N. 250a Garnetts Bluff 1860
Whitess, E. D. 251b Garnetts Bluff 1860
Whitsen, J. M. 181a Bonham 1860
Whitsett, Fenas 192b Bonham 1860
Whitsett, W. C. 188a Bonham 1860
Wigley, J. 218a Ladonia 1860
Wilhite, M. 227b Ladonia 1860
Wilkins, Mary 351 Ladonia 1860
Wilkins, Mary 226b Ladonia 1860
Wilkinson, G. W. 225b Ladonia 1860
Wilkinson, John 193b Bonham 1860
Wilkinson, Robert 333 Ladonia 1860
Williams, A. A. 257b Bonham 1860
Williams, A. Moulton 350 Ladonia 1860
Williams, Basil 332 Ladonia 1860
Williams, E. 241b Honey Grove 1860
Williams, F. A. 257b Bonham 1860
Williams, George 332 Ladonia 1860
Williams, Isabel 177a Bonham 1860
Williams, J. Carrol 350 Ladonia 1860
Williams, J. H. 222b Honey Grove 1860
Williams, J. P. 241a Honey Grove 1860
Williams, J. T. 206a Orangeville 1860
Williams, J. W. 168b Bonham 1860
Williams, James 189b Bonham 1860
Williams, Jonas 333 Ladonia 1860
Williams, M. 213b Bonham 1860
Williams, M. F. 257a Bonham 1860
Williams, M. J. 219a Ladonia 1860
Williams, Nemiah 350 Ladonia 1860
Williams, Parmelia J. 333 Ladonia 1860
Williams, Richard 351 Ladonia 1860
Williams, S. T. 218a Ladonia 1860
Williams, T. 218b Ladonia 1860
Williams, T. R. 185a Bonham 1860
Williams, W. D. 198b Warren 1860
Williamson, J. L. 242a Honey Grove 1860
Willson, F. M. 216a Honey Grove 1860
Willson, M. M. 174b Honey Grove 1860
Wilson, Benjamin R. 332 Ladonia 1860
Wilson, J. W. 225a Ladonia 1860
Wilson, J. W. 232b Ladonia 1860
Wilson, James 223a Honey Grove 1860
Wilson, James A. 335 Ladonia 1860
Wilson, Letitia 170b Bonham 1860
Wilson, Moses 223a Honey Grove 1860
Wilson, S 230b Ladonia 1860
Wilson, Sarah 216b Honey Grove 1860
Winborn, C. G. 253b Bonham 1860
Winborn, L. 253b Bonham 1860
Windle, J. W. 191b Bonham 1860
Wise, J. C. 223b Honey Grove 1860
Witcher, William 240a Honey Grove 1860
Witt, Conrad 351 Ladonia 1860
Witty, C. 252b Bonham 1860
Wofford, J. J. 200b Bonham 1860
Wofford, J. P. 200b Bonham 1860
Wofford, John 200a Warren 1860
Wofford, Thomas 200b Bonham 1860
Wolf, J. 204b Orangeville 1860
Wolf, J. K. 246a Honey Grove 1860
Wolf, William C. 242b Honey Grove 1860
Wood, B. F. 176a Honey Grove 1860
Wood, C. S. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Wood, Mary 191a Bonham 1860
Wood, S. E. 176b Honey Grove 1860
Wood, S. W. 225b Ladonia 1860
Woodfin, T. A. 197b Warren 1860
Woodrow, John 190b Bonham 1860
Woods, Frank 223b Honey Grove 1860
Woods, G. W. 230a Ladonia 1860
Woods, J. H. 230a Ladonia 1860
Woodson, G. B. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Woodson, J. P. 175a Honey Grove 1860
Woodson, V. S. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Woodward, James 223b Honey Grove 1860
Woodward, W. 223a Honey Grove 1860
Wooley, S. J. 170a Bonham 1860
Word, James 349 Ladonia 1860
Wren, R. H. 222a Honey Grove 1860
Wright, J. M. 243a Honey Grove 1860
Wright, J. R. 170a Bonham 1860
Wright, M. 175b Honey Grove 1860
Wright, R. M. 170b Bonham 1860
Wright, S.J. 252b Bonham 1860
Wright, Valsain 335 Ladonia 1860
Wright, Valsain C. 336 Ladonia 1860
Wright, W. N. 237a Licke 1860
Wright, William 241a Honey Grove 1860
Wrightsman, J. W. 239b Honey Grove 1860

Total records found: 160

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- Y -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Yancey, J. W. 187a Bonham 1860
Yates, R. 258a Bonham 1860
Yates, William 258b Bonham 1860
Yeager, J. M. 220b Honey Grove 1860
Yearout, H. A. 185a Bonham 1860
Yearout, S. S. 184b Bonham 1860
Yoakum, C.C . 236b Licke 1860
Young, Sarah 190b Bonham 1860
Yury, A. B. 197b Warren 1860

Total records found: 9

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- Z -

Individual Names Page No. Post Office Year
Zachary, J. 210a Orangeville 1860
Zachary, T. J. 210a Orangeville 1860
Zilhart, B. W. 168a Bonham 1860

Total records found: 3

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