Citizens of the Republic of Texas from Fannin Co.

A Citizen of the Republic of Texas may have served in the military to establish the Republic or to defend the Republic, but military service is not a requirement. Any man or woman who rendered loyal service for Texas prior to the consummation of the Annexation Agreement of the Republic of Texas with the United States of America on 19 Feb 1846 is considered a Citizen of the Republic of Texas.

Unless proven disloyal to the Republic, all service to the Republic is considered loyal service. Any resident of the Republic during that time is considered to have provided the service of settlement of the Republic.

Any one who can prove descendancy from a Citizen of the Republic of Texas is eligible for membership in the Sons or Daughters or Children of the Republic of Texas.

Not all on the list below are, necessarily, proven and approved by the DRT and/or SRT but we believe you would have little trouble documenting their presence in Texas prior to mid-February 1846 should you care to follow up.

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